Monday, April 21, 2014

Thing 8

Today all of the social media is causing me anxiety. I don't want to be connected all the time. I don't want to be responsible for knowing things the minute they happen. Sometimes I just want to create my own pace and not feel bombarded. So, an app like Hootsuite to manage all my social media makes me even more anxious.

I have FB, LinkedIn, and Twitter on Hootsuite. I never tweet and rarely look at Twitter. I watched the Hootsuite video for iPad, but I'm not sure my Twitter account was showing up, and I don't care enough to try to figure out if it is or isn't. I didn't try any of the other apps because my friend in-the-know uses Hootsuite. Also, I'm not feeling very social today. Hootsuite looked pretty much like my FB page. If I was into all this social media, I think Hootsuite would be swell. But, I'm not.

I hope I find more things to my liking in future Things.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Thing 7

I very much enjoyed learning more about Pinterest. I had an account but didn't have the app on my iPad. I used Pinterst on my computer so infrequently that I actually didn't know how to use it. These instructions helped and I added two new boards and a few pins. I searched for people to follow, but I didn't find a particular person I was looking for and I can't believe she is not on Pinterest. I'm not sure how often I will go to Pinterest, because though I see it is a valuable tool, I could get sucked down a time loss hole, and I don't have time to spend that way. Where do people find the time to use all these tools? I am too busy reading books in what little spare time I have.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Thing 6

I tried CloudOn and it worked just fine. I pulled up a document from my Google drive, but I didn't edit it. It's nice to know that I can if I am traveling and need to do some committee work. I'm actually on a committee now and we are revising a document we created. One thing about Cloudon is that I couldn't see all my documents and folders in Google drive. I don't know why they all didn't appear in my list.

I looked at SignNow, but I would so rarely, if ever! use it with my iPad that I did not download it. It's nice to know that it's available.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Thing 5

I looked at all the apps, but I don't think I would take notes on my iPad, though the Bamboo app looks nice, and I could see how it would eliminate carrying assorted notebooks for students. If I had a smart phone, I think the Remember the Milk app might be useful, but I don't carry my iPad with me, so even if I made lists on this app, I wouldn't have my lists with me.

I did download and try out the Dragon app. It worked pretty well. I used it while I read scholarship applications on my laptop. Instead of writing my comments, I spoke them. I don't see a frequent need for this app, so I probably won't use it often. But, it is a nice option.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Thing 4

📖I just spent over an hour playing with Flipboard. I didn't even try the other app. I'll have to go back to it, maybe during the summer. I was able to add several items to my Flipboard such as "Children's and Teen Books" and other book sites. I finally watched the trailer for "The Fault in Our Stars." It took me a few tries to rearrange my board, not an individual page, but moving items from one page to another. But, I managed to get it arranged the way I wanted. I need to do some more playing around. I'm wondering when anyone has time to do all this reading. I'm too busy reading books! 📖📖📖

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Thing 3

Last month I was at Ranch LaPuerta, sort of like a fitness camp for adults,only it was more than just fitness. It's in Mexico. I learned that sitting is the new smoking. So, I was happy to see StandApp and I'm trying it out. I made my alarm intervals for 60 minutes, and it hasn't been that long since I downloaded it, so I have't really tried it. I think this would be very handy with a smart phone, but alas, I don't have a smart phone yet. I own a stupid phone. I have the app on my iPad, and I don't usually take my iPad to work. I guess this app may give me an incentive to purchase an iPhone. I'm not sure I'll take my iPad to work each day...but maybe I will if I really like the app.

I also downloaded Google Chrome as it was recommended to have more than one browser. I placed it in my dock next to Safari.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Thing 2

I watched the iCopilot video and learned about the control panel accessed from the bottom of my screen. Ispent way too much time listening to all the alarm sounds. I think I set my iPad for one called Stencha.

The most useful thing I learned was how to multitask seeing all the apps I had open. I didn't realize, or forgot, that they remain open. I learned I can just swipe up on the screen to close them.

I looked at some more "helps" offered on Thing 2, but these were the most helpful.